Saxo Bank informs white label clients that Trading Floor’s content is moving

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Multi-asset trading and investment expert Saxo Bank has informed its white label clients of pending changes to affect Trading Floor – its content will soon be moving.

Currently all articles published on Trading Floor are also published on News & Research, Saxo’s new content hub. Within the next few months, articles will only be published on News & Research, and no longer on Trading Floor.

Saxo notes that clients that currently use RSS feeds from Trading Floor should use a new RSS feed.

Also, within the coming months the ‘’ and the ‘ trade views’ feeds in the platforms, under the News & Research tab, will be renamed ‘Markets analysis’ and ‘Trade views’. If a white label platform currently is configured to show feeds, then these will automatically be updated to the new naming. This also pertains to the subscription page.

In addition, the link to that exists in the instrument overview panel will be removed, but not replaced.

Let’s recall that the was launched by Kim Fournais, a co-founder of Saxo Bank, in January 2014. When it was launched, the new was aimed at transforming the way of trading and sharing information. It was back then described as “the Facebook of trading”.

Saxo Bank has been very active in updating its existing offering and launching new services and products. The most outstanding example in this respect is, of course, Saxo’s all new institutional trading platform, SaxoTraderPRO.

The platform was officially launched on April 4, 2018, with FinanceFeeds being the very first B2B reporting and editorial company to have seen the trading system in its finalized form, connected to a live trading environment. Senior Saxo executives explained how a number of new risk tools work. They also shed light on some of the many new reporting functionalities that private clients are able to obtain, such as a breakdown of their profit and loss in a granular fashion, with information that can be broken down via asset classes, and where all trading data can be segmented.

Another example of an innovative functionality concerns equity trading, as traders can now place trades directly within the order book. This means that traders are able to see their orders on the exchanges and use this information that they have access to when placing orders. Just like trading directly within charts, traders can now actually look inside the order book and place the trades directly in the order book.

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